Retirement Income Planner

  • Increase your retirement income
  • Save money on taxes
  • Make your retirement savings last longer
Retirement planner for iPad and iPhone

Optimize Your Retirement Income and Save Money On Taxes

Monte Carlo Simulator

At the heart of the app is a Monte Carlo simulator that determines your safe withdrawal rate and assesses the risk of your plan. We make it easy to find a plan that matches your income needs and risk level.


Built for iPad and iPhone

Built for iPad and iPhone. We use modern iOS development tools such as Swift and SwiftUI to provide the highest possible level performance and usability.


Big Tax Savings

Includes a tax optimizer that estimates the tax efficiency of your plan. The tax optimizer will test multiple tax strategies to find the one that saves you the most money.

Private and Secure

Your financial data stays on your device.

No account creation or login required. We take privacy seriously.

Find The Best Plan That Matches Your Income Needs And Risk Level

Retirement planner for iPad and iPhone

How It Works:

1. Enter your information

On the 'Profile', 'Portfolio', and 'Income' tabs you will enter your financial information. This will let the planner know about assets and income that you will have in retirement, as well as relevant personal information such as your age and tax status.

2. Select your plan

The planner will analyze thousands of scenarios and show you the best options organized by risk level. We perform a risk analysis of each plan using a Monte Carlo simulation. The simulation shows how the plan performs under a wide variety of potential market conditions.

3. Review the details

The plan detail screen shows you how to put the plan into action. The withdrawal and sequencing sections will let you know how much, and in what order, money should be withdrawn from your assets to provide income in retirement. You can read more about the withdrawal and sequencing strategies in the documentation.